Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Universe

Note: I wrote this for a Belle & Sebastian contest about love. I couldn't find a place otherwise on my computer to put it and my blog was already up, so it is just fine if you completely ignore it.

If the whole history of Earth since it first formed was thought of as 24 hours, humans began just 30 seconds ago. Human beings are so young, so how can we even begin to fathom love? Some stars have been around for billions of years, and yet we are preoccupied with movie stars here on Earth: who is dating who, who cheated on who, who divorced who. Such trivialities become banal when faced with the unfathomable age of the universe. And yet we persist- we laugh and love and lose and live our lives until we die. And why? To what purpose, to what end? How is it that so many books and songs and movies are devoted to such an amorphous, abstract concept? I try to see, I try to feel what so many others describe, but I still wonder how such a little word can carry such a big weight. Answers are never easy when it comes to a subjective emotion. I look up at the sky and wonder, do stars love? Do they find each other in the unending space, and hold on to each other, clinging really to one emotion? Is their love akin to that of humans, only projected across millions of years? Do stars experience disappointment and defeat, or are they just plasma held together by gravity? We can be thought of as plasma held together by gravity, so really, how different are humans and stars? And is it really such a stretch to think that love is not, in fact, something only experienced by humans?

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