Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Pillars of the Earth

Today, I watched The Pillars of the Earth. Yes, ALL of it. All 8 hours in one day. It was THAT GOOD! Oh my goodness, such nail-biting action. And so many amazing actors. Particularly of note were:

Rufus Sewell, my favorite!
and Matthew MacFadyen, so dreamy!

But I think the person who made the miniseries for me was one, Mr. Eddie Redmayne. Oh my goodness gracious is he attractive. How about some photos? But of course!
Look at that face! Just look at it! How could you say no to 8 hours of that?

Freckles! He has freckles!

And look, he's even dashing!

Favorite! Needless to say, I added him to the dreamy list. Because there is a list. So hey, you have 8 hours to spare, don't you? So watch!

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