Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Dear Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
You are adorable, let's hang out.
Love, Lily

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work of Art post, rescinded

So some of you might remember a certain post from (unbelievably over) a month ago that basically professed my adoration for a certain reality TV show contestant. Well I would like to declare that that post is officially rescinded, revoked, and cancelled out.

Oh yes, Miles, although you are adorable and quirky, you have in no way lived up to my expectations. It is true, the OCD, damaged goods act was appealing for the first 5 minutes, and maybe (just maybe) that is how you are in real life (read: not on national television), but I find that your act has become less and less interesting.

And Bravo, don't think I have forgotten you. You played the game quite nicely, indeed. Get my attention with a Miles character and then just wait for me to become addicted to your little show. Thus, making it so guess who is sitting at home in front of the TV every Wednesday night at 9 pm, despite any now opposite feelings about Miles. Ok, little rant over now.

So, new favorites (because what good is a reality show if you don't have favorites?)! I am quite fond of Ryan, Nicole, and Abdi. They three seem like nice, genuine people who make cool stuff. So fingers crossed there. And only 4 or 5 weeks left (depending on whether the finale has 2 or 3 left), and then it will all be over and cease to matter, so that will be that.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Treasury Extravaganza!

These days, I have been extra busy making pretty treasuries on Etsy. I am up to 3:
Flowers and pearls - elegant romantic gold bracelet

Brass Typewriter And Black Geek Frames-A Writer's Lariat

Lily Flower Post Earrings in Almond
and Lilies! (photo)

If anyone has any more treasury theme ideas, let me know!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A motif on Chatroulette

Vintage small globe by Replogle Globes Inc

I very much enjoy this (very short) movie about Chatroulette by Casey Neistat.