Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, Bravo

Oh Bravo, do you know how to get a girl hooked on a TV show. Even after only one episode of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, I know I will be watching every single week until the finale. This is due to namely one thing (or person, actually): Miles. Oh yes, I am falling right into Bravo's trap. By having every sort of token person imaginable as a contestant on their reality show, they are sure to cater to all sorts of watchers. In my case, the young, adorable oddball by the name of Miles is just my cup of tea.
So thanks so much, Bravo, for yet another show I will have to watch this summer (or at least until they kick Miles off, or I find a new favorite).


  1. i am right with you. way to old to like him in that sort of way but he sure is a cutie and one of the most talented there. cant wait till next week

  2. Miles wore a T-shirt for a few frames of the July 8 episode, instead of the pumpkin-colored sweatshirt. He was drilling something and I saw his guns. One word: Goddamn! Feeling the effects of seeing more intimate details of Mile's body makes me curious abut the role his pumpkin sweatshirt has played in his TV drama. Has the sweatshirt served to protect us from the incredible reality of Mile's body? Could we have processed his physical power and creative power at the same time? Or, does the sweat protect Miles from the psychic burden of fame? I swoon at him every episode. But do not tell him because he may retreat back under the sweat.

  3. you should read my blog on tumblr :D

  4. I absolutely LOVE Miles Mendenhall on Work of Art, not really because he's cute, but because of his ART. He's the most creative one there, and his art doesn't need an explanation like some of the others do. When you look at it, you FEEL what he's trying to portray, it needs no words. I like his quirks nd he makes me laugh my head off.


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