Monday, May 10, 2010


Finals and papers = finished! And I am going home tomorrow! I think those are actually some pretty amazing things to have a 150th post about (for me at least). I hope everyone has a terrific summer. Listen to some awesome music (I recommend Rilo Kiley's cd The Execution of All Things), drink some lemonade, and be happy!

P.s. Sorry the pretty picture is partially cut off. On the left, it says 'Do you want to be happy?' And if anyone knows how to fix the format so wider pictures all show up, I would greatly appreciate some instructions! *Thanks ever so to ApachesPrincess for the comment on how to fix my layout. Now I can have large photos galore!

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  1. Congrats on your 150'th post!!

    To make your middle column bigger so that you can have larger pictures you need to switch your template to Stretch Minima! I do some blog design and am working on building my portfolio, so I'm hardly charging anything right now, if your interested! If so, you can email me at


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