Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dearest Horatio

Here are some pictures of dear Ioan Gruffudd for your perusal. Watching the new Sharpes on Masterpiece makes me want to re(rererere)watch all the Horatio Hornblowers.
Oh Horatio, how much I enjoy watching your wartime dealings. And that Jamie Bamber too! I will sadly have to wait to do so until I return home though, which is in ONE MONTH (and two days).

P.S. To Masterpiece Theater, why do you not make more Horatio Hornblowers? Really now. You made more Foyle's Wars even though the titular war is over in the story. You made more Sharpes even though Sean Bean is about 112 (not really). And you made a retelling of Anne Frank's story, even though everyone knows how that one ends. I think you can afford to make a few more Hornblowers. Pretty please?

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