Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sea Unicorn

My new favorite Etsy shop is called Sea Unicorn. The necklaces are vintage-y and romantic and beautiful! Just take a gander:
the  sparrow  at  my  windowsill  .
little  walnut  locket  .
harmonica fleur  .  a petite charm  necklace   .
giselle  .  a  bowed  hexagon  locket   .
edie  .  a   vintage   locket   necklace  .
Knotted gold. A vintage summer bow necklace.
The golden magnifying glass. DO NOT BUY, WILL RETURN VERY SOON
Pet octo.  Adopt a pet collection. DO NOT BUY WILL RETURN SOON.

See?! I wish I could have one of everything! Though I would settle for the fantastic octopus necklace. I especially love the beautiful photography of the jewelry!

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