Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodbye Cerri!

Well hello dear readers. Tonight, I am quite distressed as Cerri (pronounced "Carrie") has been sent home from Project Runway (the models part). She was my absolute favorite model, to say the least. She is from Ireland and so has a lovely accent. I really think she is stunning though, inside and out, as cheesy as that sounds. Frankly, now I do not particularly care which model "wins" and I like Jonathan a lot less for not choosing Cerri again. Here are some more fantastic pictures of her:

And here she is on Project Runway in a dress by Jonathan that I really really liked:
Is she not just gorgeous? Well Project Runway has once again let me down. I find the fact that Leanne, who was/is my overall absolute favorite designer, winning two seasons ago can only go so far to assuage disappointment after disappointment brought on by this show since then. However, I will continue to watch, like I have for the past 6 seasons. I just have to say, if Project Runway were still on Bravo, this wouldn't have happened (except still probably yes).

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  1. I liked Cerri too. I loved to hear her talk. I don't watch "Models of the Runway" often, but I love Project Runway. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the Giveaway. I hope you'll come by to "visit" soon! :)


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