Monday, February 1, 2010

Star Trek (OVER)

il_430xN_120341060.jpg picture by jaebumfangirl
My other TV closet love is Star Trek, so it goes without saying that I absolutely need this Spock charm! Good thing there is a chance I could win it in a giveaway! OVER

I feel I need to add that, although the new Star Trek movie was amusing in its own sort of way, and Zachary Quinto was quite good looking, Leonard Nimoy will always be my Spock. I am more of a Next Generation fan myself though. Data and Geordi and a little bit of Jean Luc and I am set.

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  1. I've never seen the old Star Trek shows. But now that I've seen the new movie, I kinda want to immerse myself in the whole geekery that is Star Trek. Seems something interesting to add to my slowly growing sci-fi knowledge base.


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