Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snap Shoes (OVER)

Have you heard about Switch Flops and Snap Shoes? Well they are both at by Lindsay Phillips and they are a completely excellent idea. You start by buying a pair of flip flops ($24) or flats ($64) from their website. Then you can purchase any number of chic-looking interchangeable snaps or straps ($12 each) so you can have many unique looks from just one pair of shoes! I myself love the Liz black and Liz gold flats. Above, you can see two of my creations with the Marissa snap on the black flats and the Bernice snap on the gold. If the price of $64 for flats sounds a little steep to you, you are in luck- there is a fabulous giveaway happening at! You could win your choice of Snap Shoes in black or gold, but hurry because the giveaway ends Tuesday, March 2nd. OVER

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